I'm Lori Paximadis, the creator of Alchemary, and I'm delighted you're here. 

I have been creating all my life, and I have been making jewelry since 2003 and hand-binding books since 2013. Mixing artistic genres comes naturally for me — I love how techniques from one craft can be applied to another. I'm a rule-breaker that way. :-)

The beauty of nature and the beach inspire me. Many of my pieces have an organic, well-loved, timeworn quality, as if they washed up on the shore among the beach glass or were found tucked among the tree roots in a forest. 

While I believe in solid, high-quality craftsmanship, I also like seeing the hand of the maker in the final product. The edges of my pendants are smooth, so that they don't snag, but they are not perfectly straight, and you can see the marks from where I smoothed the surface of each metal component. Even if I stamp the same thing on two different pendants, they won't look exactly the same because of variations in the cants of letters and depths of impressions. I like that. (Perfection is for Things Remembered.)

I hope you like what you see, and invite you to get in touch if you have any questions that aren't answered in the FAQ (link below). Email me at lori {at} alchemary {dot} com. I'd love to make something special just for you.